Rates and Collaboration

Photo Shoot 

I work mostly on the weekends but on occasion will perform a shoot, with advanced notice, between at 7pm (1 or 2 hour shoot accepted) or 8pm (1 hour shoot only). At this time I am offering basic physique or erotic art nude shots only.  These shots will be done in my apartment studio. 


$55 - 1 Hour

   $75 - 2 Hours 

         Couple shoots please add $15      


$75 - 1 Hour

    $100 - 2 Hours

                        Couple shoots please add $25                   



Thanks to the generosity of many models I've been able to work on my photography and create what I believe to be strong portraits and art. If it were not for their willingness to collaborate, I wouldn't have made it as far as I have.

Collaborations have given me the opportunity to share equipment, network, learn new skills, try out new ideas and meet new people. While everyone's collaborative goal is different it is important that all parties involved walk away with completed works which meet their needs and make them happy. All parties should communicate effectively, spell out what they need and develop a plan. Because each collaboration is different , there is no one compensation plan that I can give. It is therefore best for us to  have an open dialogue via email, text, telephone call or in person meeting, if logistically possible.

A collaboration should be an idea had by the photographer or one had by the model, other photographer or artist. If a model does not have an idea they are encouraged to reach out as I am always looking for Men of More. Not all collaborations are doable however. If a collaboration is not possible I can operate under a paid structure for the reasonable rates  I provide.

My hope for 2021 is to work not just on my own ideas but those had by other artists as well. Art is always changing, always growing and what better way to change and grow that to work side by side with others.

Additional Fees

If clients wish to have more edited shots than those given, the fee for each additional edit is $10 per figure.  

Please contact the photographer to discuss specific needs not referenced above.  Additional fees may apply that need to be discussed.

Additional Information

General shoots occur against a black background. 

Shoots can be a collaboration between photographer and model on poses, a shoot based on the photographer's suggested poses or a shoot based on the client's suggestions.

Photographer does not provide make up artists or clothing. Clients are responsible to provide any clothing they would like to be seen it. Clients may bring a make up artist if desired but please note the shoot time does not extend for preparation time needed. 

For physique shots, a selection of well-fitting jeans, tanks, shirts, trunks, underwear, etc., should be brought. Nude shots will not be taken (implied as well). Nudes of any kind must be taken under the Erotic Photoshoot Rates.  Please contact the photographer for rates if you would like a combination of both shots done. 

Erotic Shoots includes full frontal or implied nudity. Erotic Shots can incorporate fantasy wear such as leather. 

Erotic Couple Shoots can be playful.  Whatever happens at the shoot stays at the shoot. I provide no information on what models do or don't do. Please note however that anything hardcore,  anything depicting violence or would be considered extremely pornographic cannot be captured. 

Photographer will lightly cull through the images removing blurry, over/under exposed, etc.  Light adjustments such as cropping and auto color corrections will be done and the photos will be placed on a secured page on my website for downloading. Client can choose photos for editing in the photographers style as follows: 2 photos for 1 hour rate and 4 photos for 2 hour rate.  Those photos will be uploaded to the site for download. 

Arrive with clean and lightly moisturized skin. Arrive on time or before the shoot but no earlier than 10 minutes.  Paperwork and payment will be completed before the shoot starts. Photos will be provided within 7-10 days of the shoot. Edited photos will be presented within 1 week. Payment will be needed prior to work being performed.

All photos presented will be presented in JPG. Raw files are never given. Generally raw files are sold at exorbitant rates as the represent a complete transfer of ownership. At this time the photographer does not provide this as an option.  

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