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Emitt More - Vision of More

Men are stifled by society's ideas on masculinity and many times are unable to explore and show the many facets that make them who they are. The male body is usually captured to show muscles, strength, power and virility. And let's not forget the "most important" thing -big dicks. But there is so much more to be seen: vulnerability, grace, beauty, sensuality, intrigue and even femininity.  

Over the past years I've worked with men from all walks of life; men of different ages, ethnicities, body types, identities, fetishes and sexuality. Each of them presented a view that further expressed concepts that could only be captured by camera.  Men are not known for being very expressive but there is something about a camera (and a good photographer) that helps to change that. 

Through  guidance, freedom, inspiration, collaboration and integrity, I produce strong portraitures and artistic works that provide relevance and validate that men are complex forces of nature.

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